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React Native developer excited about performance and system designs.

What are those and how can we utilize them?

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Immediately Invoked Function Expression (IIFE)

Evaluating and enhancing the code


node --prof build/server.js
ab -k -c 1000 -n 10000 -T "application/json" -p "http://localhost:3000/slack/events"
node --prof-process isolate-0x102801e00-v8.log …

Stress testing with ApacheBench and a little bit of penetration testing

ab -n 1000 -c 50 -s 3

How I learned to love TDD; and also what I learned and done these last two weeks.

Prepare your umbrella before it rains. — an Indonesian proverb (source: Unsplash)

Let’s see how the team implements Agile

Agile Manifesto

  1. Individuals and interactions over processes and tools. In, we try as much as we can to solve every problem together, solving blockers and move as fast and agile as we can. But indeed we know that our amount of interactions can be increased instead of relying on tools like Gitlab Issues.
  2. Working software over comprehensive documentation. We have our priority right for this point. Instead of providing a comprehensive documentation, we just documented a bare minimal to suffice…

A more detailed, updated overview of the architecture

Projected software architecture for our project

Main Service

Queue Service

Here’s some sneak peek about the architecture backing our bot,

Source: unsplash

Our Stack



What is this thing called Agile?


A bit of history

Or, specifically: Integrating PostgreSQL to your Node-Typescript project with TypeORM.

Phase 1: Choosing a DBMS

  1. It’s always nice to have a reliable relation…

Rakha Kanz Kautsar

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